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News in Context Archive: 2014

Forcibly Displaced Populations’ Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs Must Not Be Overlooked (07/24/2014)

Good for Business: Covering Contraceptive Care Without Cost-Sharing is Is Cost-Neutral or Even Saves Money (07/16/2014)

New Infographics: Increasing Access to Modern Contraceptive Methods Is Key But Not Enough to Satisfy Women’s Need for Effective Family Planning (07/10/2014)

States Continue to Enact Abortion Restrictions in First Half of 2014, but at a Lower Level Than in the Previous Three Years (07/08/2014)

After Supreme Court Ruling, Focus Shifts to How Obama Administration and Congress Will Ensure Contraceptive Coverage for Affected Employees (07/01/2014)

Improving Child Survival and Maternal Health Requires Range of Interventions, Including Family Planning (06/24/2014)

Just the Numbers: The Impact of U.S. International Family Planning Assistance (06/13/2014)

U.S. Men Need a Range of Services and Counseling for Much of Their Lives (06/11/2014)

Guttmacher at the Population Association of America Annual Meeting (04/25/2014)

State Policy Trends: More Supportive Legislation, Even As Attacks on Abortion Rights Continue (04/09/2014)

The HEAL Immigrant Women and Families Act Would Remove Harmful Barriers to Health Coverage (03/13/2014)

Yet Another Study Shows that Access to Information and Services Does Not Lead to Adolescents’ Sexual Risk-Taking (02/07/2014)

Guttmacher Supreme Court Brief Puts Data Front and Center in Support of ACA’s Contraceptive Coverage Guarantee (01/31/2014)

More State Abortion Restrictions Were Enacted in 2011–2013 Than in the Entire Previous Decade (01/02/2014)

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