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News in Context Archive: 2006

Keeping Our Promise to the World’s Youth (12/01/2006)

CDC Adds Cervical Cancer Vaccine to Children’s Immunization Program (11/03/2006)

Nicaragua Votes to Ban All Abortions (10/27/2006)

DHHS Must Provide Accurate Information About Condoms (10/20/2006)

Reproductive Health in the State Legislatures, January – September 2006 (10/16/2006)

Bush Administration Withholds UNFPA Funding for Fifth Year (09/19/2006)

Plan B Decision by FDA a Victory for Common Sense (08/24/2006)

Guttmacher at AIDS 2006 (08/07/2006)

One Million More Women in Need of Publicly Funded Contraceptive Services Since 2000 (07/27/2006)

1,207 State Reproductive Health Bills Introduced by Mid-2006 (07/21/2006)

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Offer Misleading Information on Abortion Risks (07/18/2006)

Panel Recommends Cervical Cancer Vaccine for All Girls 11-12, Others (06/29/2006)

States, Supreme Court Take Action on Abortion Bans (06/22/2006)

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Approved by FDA (06/08/2006)

Fighting HIV/AIDS with evidence-based prevention strategies (06/02/2006)

The Next Generation of Africans Is Hopeful for the Future (05/25/2006)

U.S. Courts Rule Against Mandatory Antiprostitution Pledge (05/19/2006)

Colombia Liberalizes Abortion Law (05/11/2006)

National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (05/03/2006)

Schools and Health Care Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa Poised to Reduce Cervical Cancer (04/24/2006)

Reproductive Health in the State Legislatures
January – March 2006

GAO Calls for Reevaluation of PEPFAR "Abstinence-Until Marriage" Requirements (04/04/2006)

Guttmacher Institute and Ipas Convene Consultation on Unsafe Abortion in Africa (03/23/2006)

Pharmacist refusals impede women's timely access to emergency contraception (03/21/2006)

South Dakota Bans Abortion;
More States Introduce Bans, Other Restrictions

UK Pledges more than $5 Million to Counteract Effects of Global Gag Rule (02/06/2006)

Judge Samuel Alito Takes Seat as Supreme Court Justice (02/01/2006)

States focused on reproductive health in 2005 (01/12/2006)

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