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News in Context Archive: 2009

Congress Lifts Ban on District of Columbia’s Use of Its Own Funds to Pay for Abortions for Women on Medicaid (12/18/2009)

World AIDS Day 2009—U.S. Policies Still Not Where They Need to Be (11/30/2009)

Misuse of Guttmacher Statistic on Insurance Coverage of Abortion (11/11/2009)

Recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month (10/02/2009)

State Legislative Trends at Midyear (07/31/2009)

Guttmacher Institute Memo on Insurance Coverage of Abortion (07/22/2009)

New Arizona Law Restricts Access to a Range of Reproductive Health Services (07/16/2009)

World Population Day 2009—Time to Finally Make Maternal Health a Priority (07/09/2009)

Promoting Democracy in Africa Requires Investing in the Next Generation (07/08/2009)

New Health Disparities Report: More Context for Higher Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion Rates Among Women of Color (06/11/2009)

Statement from Sharon Camp
on the murder of Dr. George Tiller

Ignoring Evidence, Mexican States Move to Increase Abortion Restrictions (05/28/2009)

President Obama’s 2010 Budget:
A Decidedly Mixed Bag

FDA Approves Plan B Over-the-Counter Access for 17-Year-Olds (04/24/2009)

State Legislative Trends in the First Quarter of 2009 (04/20/2009)

Join us on Facebook and Twitter (04/16/2009)

We’re Back: United States Reclaims A Leadership Role In International Reproductive Health and Rights (04/08/2009)

Back Up Your Birth Control Day Gets a Boost from Court Decision (03/23/2009)

The Check’s in the Mail: U.S. Resumes Funding to UNFPA Just in Time for UN Meetings (03/17/2009)

Restoring U.S. Leadership on Women’s Health (03/05/2009)

State Legislative Trends in 2008 (02/10/2009)

CHIP Now Covers More Pregnant Women, Including Recent Legal Immigrants (02/05/2009)

Obama Rescinds “Global Gag Rule,” Commits to Funding UNFPA (01/23/2009)

36 Years After Roe v. Wade:
Protecting the Right to Abortion While Promoting Prevention

Troubling Trend in Teen Birthrates Seen in New Federal Government Data (01/12/2009)

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