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News in Context Archive: 2011

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Overrides FDA Decision to Make Emergency Contraception More Broadly Accessible (12/08/2011)

New Government Data Finds Sharp Decline in Teen Births: Increased Contraceptive Use and Shifts to More Effective Contraceptive Methods Behind this Encouraging Trend (12/01/2011)

Department of Health and Human Services Adopts IOM Recommendations in Full (08/01/2011)

Institute of Medicine Designates Contraception and Related Services as Women’s Preventive Health Care (07/20/2011)

States Enact Record Number of Abortion Restrictions in First Half of 2011 (07/13/2011)

Updated: Just the Numbers—The Impact of U.S. International Family Planning Assistance (05/13/2011)

State Legislative Trends: Hostility to Abortion Rights Increases (04/12/2011)

Rick Santorum Misses the Point on Abortion and Social Security (04/01/2011)

One Year Later: Protecting the Gains, Correcting the Flaws of Health Care Reform (03/23/2011)

Just the Numbers: The Impact of Deep Cuts to U.S. International Family Planning Assistance (03/21/2011)

Contraception Works—and Publicly Funded Family Planning Programs Are Essential to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion (03/09/2011)

Title X-Supported Family Planning Services Nationally and in Each State (02/16/2011)

Comprehensive New Study Finds No Causal Link Between Abortion and Mental Health Problems (01/31/2011)

Memo on Private Insurance Coverage of Abortion (01/19/2011)

State Legislative Trends in 2010—Abortion Restrictions Once Again Dominate (01/06/2011)

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