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Making the Pill Available Over the Counter Should Be Part of Broader Strategy to Enhance Contraceptive Access (11/17/2015)

Cynthia Summers Named Executive Vice President (11/05/2015)

Despite Being Highly Restricted, Abortion Is Common in Nigeria (11/04/2015)

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Are Key Part of New Global Development Goals (10/26/2015)

September 2015 Issue of International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (10/14/2015)

Use of Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive Methods Continues to Increase in the United States (10/08/2015)

As U.S. Abortion Restrictions Mount, Issue of Self-Induced Abortion Gains Attention (09/28/2015)

Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights: The Sustainable Development Goals & the Guttmacher-Lancet Commission (09/25/2015)

September Issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health Now Available (09/17/2015)

New Study Shows Steep Decline In Out-Of-Pocket Costs for Hormonal IUDS (09/16/2015)

Multipurpose Prevention Technologies Hold Great Promise, but More U.S. Investment Is Necessary to Make Them A Reality (09/15/2015)

Young Women in the Philippines Need Sexual and Reproductive Health Services: New Fact Sheet (08/26/2015)

Women's Desire to Avoid Pregnancy Strongly Linked to Consistency of Contraceptive Use (08/20/2015)

Each Year, 6.9 Million Women in Developing Countries Are Treated For Complications From Unsafe Abortion (08/19/2015)

Thanks To ACA, More Visits at Title X–Supported Family Planning Centers Now Paid For With Insurance (08/18/2015)

Two New State and County Tools Highlight the Importance of Title X-Funded Family Planning Services (08/17/2015)

Adolescent Women Need Improved Sexual and Reproductive Health Services (08/12/2015)

June 2015 Issue of International Perspectives Now Available (07/29/2015)

Number of Women in Need of Publicly Funded Family Planning Services Increased by Nearly One Million Between 2010 and 2013 (07/21/2015)

In Africa, Consistent Laws Linked to Lower Rates of Child Marriage and Adolescent Birth (07/14/2015)

Family Planning Centers Are a Key Asset For ACA Insurance Plans (07/09/2015)

U.S. Abortion Reporting Systems Should Be Strengthened, Not Subverted to Promote Antiabortion Agenda (06/24/2015)

June Issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health Now Available (06/17/2015)

The Guttmacher Institute Announces the Recipient of the 2015 Cory L. Richards Memorial Scholarship (06/17/2015)

Exclusion of Methods Used by Men From ACA Contraceptive Coverage Policy is a Serious Oversight That Must be Fixed (06/16/2015)

Political Interference Impedes Effectiveness of U.S. International Family Planning Assistance (06/08/2015)

Women in States With Restrictive Abortion Policies More Likely Than Others to Use Highly Effective Contraceptive Methods (05/26/2015)

School-Based Health Centers Are a Critical Source of Health Care, Yet Must Do More to Address Teen Pregnancy, Other Needs (04/21/2015)

Malgré les restrictions légales, l’avortement non médicalisé est de pratique courante au Sénégal, au préjudice, chaque année, de milliers de femmes (04/15/2015)

Despite Legal Restrictions, Unsafe Abortion Is Common in Senegal and Thousands of Women Are Injured Each Year (04/15/2015)

Transparency About Abortion Coverage Still Lacking, but Achievable (04/14/2015)

Fertility Desires and Modern Contraceptive Use Are Changing Among Indigenous Women in Ecuador (04/09/2015)

March Issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health Now Available (03/18/2015)

The Darroch Award for Excellence in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research (03/10/2015)

Making Medicaid Managed Care Work for Family Planning Coverage and Services (03/03/2015)

Unintended Pregnancies Cost Federal and State Governments $21 Billion In 2010 (03/02/2015)

Investing In Sexual and Reproductive Health Is Key to Reaching Global Development Goals (02/09/2015)

Unintended Pregnancy Rates Continue to Vary Widely By State (01/26/2015)

Teen Pregnancy Rates Declined In Many Countries Between The Mid-1990s and 2011 (01/23/2015)

Unplanned Births Associated With Less Prenatal Care and Worse Infant Health, Compared With Planned Births (01/12/2015)

Publicly Funded Family Planning Yields Numerous Positive Health Outcomes While Saving Taxpayer Dollars (01/09/2015)

Health Care Providers in Senegal Restrict Young Women’s Access to Modern Contraception (01/07/2015)

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