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December Issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health Now Available (12/17/2014)

Conflating Contraception with Abortion Is Part of a Strategic Campaign to Restrict Access to Both (12/15/2014)

Preventive Health Fact Sheets by Federal Agency Fail To Include Key Sexual and Reproductive Health Services (12/11/2014)

Les services de santé sexuelle et reproductive sont insuffisants dans les pays en développement (12/04/2014)

Los servicios de salud sexual y reproductiva están muy por debajo de satisifacer las necesidades en las regiones en desarrollo (12/04/2014)

Sexual and Reproductive Health Services Fall Far Short of Needs in Developing Regions (12/04/2014)

In Zimbabwe Adolescents Lack Access to Essential Reproductive Health Information and Services (11/19/2014)

In Malawi, 40% of Women Who Want To Avoid Pregnancy Do Not Use a Modern Contraceptive Method (11/13/2014)

Multipurpose Prevention Technologies Could Significantly Boost Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health (10/22/2014)

U.S. Family Planning Effort Improves Women’s Health (10/14/2014)

Government Initiative in Ghana Improves Provision of Safe Abortion Care (09/26/2014)

In Bangladesh, Unsafe Abortion is Common Despite Availability of Safer Pregnancy Termination Procedure (09/22/2014)

September 2014 Special Issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health Focused on LARC Methods Now Available (09/19/2014)

New Study Shows Privately Insured Women Increasingly Able to Obtain Prescription Contraceptive Methods With No Out-of-Pocket Costs (09/18/2014)

New Study Finds That 40% of Pregnancies Worldwide Are Unintended (09/17/2014)

Fully Informed Patient Choice and Consent Have to Be Central to Expanding Access to Highly Effective Contraceptive Methods (09/09/2014)

Twenty Million American Women In Need Of Publicly Funded Family Planning Services In 2012 (08/12/2014)

Au Cameroun, 63% des Femmes Qui Veulent Éviter Une Grossesse N'utilisent Pas de Méthode Moderne de Contraception (07/29/2014)

In Cameroon, 63% of Women Who Want to Avoid Pregnancy Do Not Use a Modern Method of Contraception (07/29/2014)

Two Decades After Emergency Contraceptive Pills Became Available, Few Women Use Them (07/22/2014)

The Cost of Abortion, When Providers Offer Services and Harassment of Abortion Providers All Remained Stable Between 2008 And 2012 (07/02/2014)

Birthrates and Abortion Rates Decline In Colorado After Program Broadens Access to Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (06/24/2014)

New Study Documents Reasons Married Women in Developing Nations Who Wish To Avoid Pregnancy Do Not Use Contraceptives (06/17/2014)

June 2014 Issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health Now Available (06/16/2014)

Debate on Ways to Reduce U.S. Abortion Rate Intensifies Even as Abortion Rate Continues to Decline (06/09/2014)

Women Wishing to Avoid Pregnancy Often Use Withdrawal in Conjunction with Other Contraceptive Methods (06/06/2014)

In Rwanda, Treating Complications from Unsafe Abortion Drains Scarce Health Resources (05/30/2014)

Au Rwanda, le traitement des complications de l’avortement non médicalisé épuise de faibles ressources de santé (05/30/2014)

Guttmacher Institute Announces Winner of The Cory L. Richards Memorial Scholarship (05/30/2014)

The Guttmacher Institute Mourns the Passing of Jeannie I. Rosoff, former President and CEO (05/15/2014)

Ann M. Starrs to Become the Guttmacher Institute’s Next President and CEO (05/06/2014)

U.S. Teen Pregnancy, Birth and Abortion Rates Reach Historic Lows (05/05/2014)

La herramienta que hace más fácil utilizar los datos sobre salud y derechos sexuales de la gente joven ahora está disponible en español (04/30/2014)

Outil d'accès aux données sur la santé et les droits sexuels des jeunes aujourd'hui disponible en français et en espagnol (04/30/2014)

Tool That Makes Data on Young People’s Sexual Health and Rights More Accessible Now Available in Spanish and French (04/30/2014)

Allowing Licensed Chemical Sellers in Ghana to Sell Injectable Contraceptives Could Increase Use (04/14/2014)

Growing Gap Between First Sex and First Birth Means Women Face Longer Period of Risk for Unintended Pregnancy (04/10/2014)

Abortion Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act: Achieving Transparency and Truly Informed Consumer Choice (03/27/2014)

March 2014 Issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (03/21/2014)

New Report Underscores Critical Importance of Family Planning Programs and Providers (03/20/2014)

Guttmacher Launches County-Level Tablemaker for Contraceptive Needs and Services Data (03/12/2014)

As Supreme Court Takes Up Contraceptive Coverage Cases, New Guttmacher Analysis Puts the Facts Front and Center (03/11/2014)

L’avortement a risque est frequent au Burkina Faso (02/12/2014)

Unsafe Abortion Is Widespread In Burkina Faso (02/12/2014)

Guttmacher Institute Launches the Cory L. Richards Memorial Scholarship (02/06/2014)

U.S. Abortion Rate Hits Lowest Level Since 1973 (02/03/2014)

December Issue of International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health Now Available (01/06/2014)

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