Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Methodologies for Estimating Abortion Incidence and Abortion-Related Morbidity: A Review

Edited by Susheela Singh, Lisa Remez and Alyssa Tartaglione

The Guttmacher Institute collaborated with the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) to edit and publish this volume. It is based on the International Seminar on Measurement of Abortion Incidence, Abortion-Related Morbidity and Mortality, which took place in Paris, France, in November of 2007. The seminar was convened by the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Abortion. The volume includes 14 chapters primarily based on papers presented at the seminar in addition to a few chapters on notable methods and topics that were not covered at the seminar. Each chapter is available separately below, as is the full 202-page report.

List of Contributors


Chapter 1
Generating National Unsafe Abortion Estimates: Challenges and Choices
Elisabeth Ahman and Iqbal H. Shah

Chapter 2
Measuring the Incidence of Abortion in Countries with Liberal Laws
Gilda Sedgh and Stanley Henshaw

Chapter 3
Three Approaches to Improving the Use of Face-to-Face Interviews to Measure Abortion
Heidi Bart Johnston, Jeffrey Edmeades, Laura Nyblade, Erin Pearson, Florina Serbanescu and Paul Stupp (Contributor: Stephanie McMurtrie; Coordinator: Sandra G. Garcia)

Chapter 4
Examples of Model-Based Approaches to Estimating Abortion
Heidi Bart Johnston and Charles Westoff (Coordinator: Lisa Remez)

Chapter 5
Examples of Methods to Address Underreporting of Induced Abortion: Preceding Birth Interval Technique and Randomized Response Technique
Elizabeth Oliveras and Gobopamang Letamo (Contributor: Diana Lara; Coordinator: Agnes Guillaume)

Chapter 6
The Abortion Incidence Complications Method: A Quantitative Technique
Susheela Singh, Elena Prada and Fatima Juarez

Chapter 7
Measuring Abortion with the Anonymous Third Party Reporting Method
Clementine Rossier

Chapter 8
The Sealed Envelope Method of Estimating Induced Abortion: How Much of an Improvement?
Fatima Juarez, Josefina Cabigon and Susheela Singh

Chapter 9
Data Triangulation: Using Multiple Methods to Estimate and Validate Abortion Incidence and Prevalence
Heidi Bart Johnston, Diana Lara, Silvia Mario and Edith Pantelides (Coordinators: Diana Lara and Sandra G. Garcia)

Chapter 10
Prospective Approach to Measuring Abortion-Related Morbidity: Individual-Level Data on Postabortion Patients
Tamara Fetters

Chapter 11
Use of Health System Data to Study Morbidity Related to Pregnancy Loss
Raffaela Schiavon, Erika Troncoso and Gerardo Polo

Chapter 12
Quantitative Measures of Self-Reported Data on Abortion Morbidity: A Case Study in Madhya Pradesh, India
Laura Nyblade, Jeffrey Edmeades, Erin Pearson and Janna McDougall

Chapter 13
Self-Reported Data on Abortion Morbidity: Using Qualitative Techniques with Community-Based Samples
Ann M. Moore and Elena Prada

Chapter 14
Misoprostol Use and Its Impact on Measuring Abortion Incidence and Morbidity
Katherine S. Wilson, Sandra G. Garcia and Diana Lara