Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights



A New Frontier in the Era of Health Reform: Protecting Confidentiality for Individuals Insured as Dependents   Also in PDF
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Leveling the Playing Field: The Promise of Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives for Adolescents   Also in PDF
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Toward Equity and Access: Removing Legal Barriers To Health Insurance Coverage for Immigrants   Also in PDF
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Démystifier les données: guide pour utiliser les données disponibles afin d'améliorer la santé et les droits sexuels des jeunes (PDF)
Ragnar Anderson, Christine Panchaud, Susheela Singh, Katherine Watson, décembre 2013

Desmitificando datos: Guía de uso de evidencia para mejorar la saludy los derechos sexuales de la gente joven (PDF)
Ragnar Anderson, Christine Panchaud, Susheela Singh, Katherine Watson, noviembre 2013

Demystifying Data: A Guide to Using Evidence to Improve Young People's Sexual Health and Rights (PDF)
Ragnar Anderson, Christine Panchaud, Susheela Singh and Katherine Watson, May 2013