Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Technology and Bioethics


What Is Behind the Declines in Teen Pregnancy Rates?   Also in PDF
Heather D. Boonstra, Guttmacher Policy Review, September 2014

Implementing Postabortion Care Programs in the Developing World: Ongoing Challenges   Also in PDF
Sneha Barot, Guttmacher Policy Review, March 2014

Title X: An Essential Investment, Now More than Ever   Also in PDF
Kinsey Hasstedt, Guttmacher Policy Review, September 2013



Interpreting Research Studies (PDF), July 2006


Making the case for multipurpose prevention technologies: the socio-epidemiological rationale   Also in PDF
H Boonstra, S Barot and M Lusti-Narasimhan, British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Volume 121, Issue s5, October 2014

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Contraceptive Technologies: Responding to Women's Needs (PDF)
Jacqueline E. Darroch, Gilda Sedgh and Haley Ball, May 2011

Countering Conventional Wisdom: New Evidence on Religion and Contraceptive Use (PDF)
Rachel K. Jones and Joerg Dreweke, April 2011

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