Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights



Men's Attitudes About Abortion In Uganda (PDF)
Ann M. Moore, Gabriel Jagwe-Wadda And Akinrinola Bankole, Journal of Biological Science, Volume 43, Issue 1, January 2011

Perceptions of risk to HIV Infection among Adolescents in Uganda: Are they Related to Sexual Behaviour? (PDF)
Richard Kibombo, Stella Neema and Fatima H. Ahmed, African Journal of Reproductive Health, Volume 11, Issue 3, December 2007

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Protecting the Next Generation in Uganda: New Evidence on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs (PDF)
Leila Darabi, Akinrinola Bankole, Kalundi Serumaga, Stella Neema, Richard Kibombo, Humera Ahmed and Paul Banoba, March 2008

Adults' Perceptions of Adolescents' Sexual and Reproductive Health: Qualitative Evidence from Uganda (PDF)
Richard Kibombo, Stella Neema, Ann M. Moore and F. Humera Ahmed, February 2008

Abortion Morbidity in Uganda: Evidence from Two Communities (PDF)
Gabriel Jagwe-Wadda, Ann M. Moore, Vanessa Woog, December 2006

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Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion in Uganda, February 2013