Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Services and Financing


Abortion in Nigeria   Also in PDF, October 2015

Adolescent Women’s Need for and Use of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Developing Countries   Also in PDF, August 2015

Besoin et recours des adolescentes aux services de santé sexuelle et reproductive dans les pays en développement   Also in PDF, août 2015



Moving Oral Contraceptives to Over-the-Counter Status: Policy Versus Politics   Also in PDF
Sneha Barot, Guttmacher Policy Review, November 2015

Onward to 2030: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals   Also in PDF
Alanna J. Galati, Guttmacher Policy Review, October 2015

Marketplace Plans’ Provider Networks Are Just Not Adequate Without Family Planning Centers   Also in PDF
Kinsey Hasstedt and Andrea Rowan, Guttmacher Policy Review, July 2015



Making the case for multipurpose prevention technologies: the socio-epidemiological rationale   Also in PDF
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Return on Investment: A Fuller Assessment of the Benefits and Cost Savings of the US Publicly Funded Family Planning Program (PDF)
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Impact of the federal contraceptive coverage guarantee on out-of-pocket payments for contraceptives: 2014 update   Also in PDF
Adam Sonfield, Athena Tapales, Rachel K. Jones, Lawrence B. Finer, Contraception, September 2014



Contraceptive Needs and Services, July 2015

Public Costs from Unintended Pregnancies and the Role of Public Insurance Programs in Paying for Pregnancy-Related Care: National and State Estimates for 2010 (PDF)
Adam Sonfield and Kathryn Kost, February 2015

Adding it Up: the Costs and Benefits of Investing in Sexual and Reproductive Health 2014   Also in PDF
Susheela Singh, Jacqueline E. Darroch and Lori S. Ashford, December 2014



Each year 1.25 million Nigerian women have an abortion   Also in PDF, Infographic, November 2015

Only 1 in 6 women in Nigeria use any type of contraceptive method   Also in PDF, Infographic, November 2015

Why invest in reproductive health services in Nigeria?   Also in PDF, Infographic, November 2015