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2009–2010 Survey of HIV Status and Fertility Preferences in Sub-Saharan Africa

(Community-based Survey of Zambian Women)


This survey is one of eight surveys conducted in Zambia and Nigeria that explore how HIV status relates to attitudinal and behavioral measures regarding HIV services and fertility preferences. This dataset comes from a community-based survey of 1,441 Zambian women aged 18–49 who were surveyed in 2009 and 2010. Information collected includes fertility desires, HIV status, pregnancy intention, current and previous pregnancies, family planning use, current and past sexual activity, past abortions, attitudes toward and knowledge about HIV, and use of HIV services. The other seven surveys within this project on HIV and fertility desires include information on male and female populations in Nigeria and Zambia collected in communities and at health facilities.

We plan to make the datasets for the other seven surveys publicly available in the near future.