Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 27, Number 1, January/February 1995

Table of Contents


A Longitudinal Comparison of the AIDS-Related Attitudes and Knowledge of Parents And Their Children [HTML] [PDF]
Susan R. Levy, Kyle Weeks, Arden Handler,Cydne Perhats, Joann Alonzo Franck, Don Hedeker, Chenggang Zhu and Brian R. Flay

Intention Status of U.S. Births in 1988: Differences by Mothers' Socioeconomic and Demographic Characteristics [HTML] [PDF]
Kathryn Kost and Jacqueline Darroch Forrest

The Relationship of Substance Use to Sexual Activity Among Young Adults in the United States [HTML] [PDF]
Karen L. Graves and Barbara C. Leigh

Adolescent Fertility and the Educational Attainment of Young Women [HTML] [PDF]
Daniel H. Klepinger, Shelly Lundberg and Robert D. Plotnick

Predictors of Condom Acquisition After an STD Clinic Visit [HTML] [PDF]
Lydia O'Donnell, Alexi San Doval, Richard Duran and Carl R. O'Donnell

The Contraceptive Implant and the Injectable: A Comparison of Costs [HTML] [PDF]
John M. Westfall and Deborah S. Main


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