Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 31, Number 3, May/June 1999

Table of Contents


Medicaid Eligibility Expansion in Florida: Effects On Maternity Care Financing and the Delivery System [HTML] [PDF]
M. Susan Marquis and Stephen H. Long

Teenage Partners' Communication About Sexual Risk and Condom Use: The Importance of Parent-Teenager Discussions [HTML] [PDF]
Daniel J. Whitaker, Kim S. Miller, David C. May and Martin L. Levin

Pregnancy Rates Among U.S. Women And Their Partners in 1994 [HTML] [PDF]
Jacqueline E. Darroch, David J. Landry and Selene Oslak

Sexual Intercourse, Abuse and Pregnancy Among Adolescent Women: Does Sexual Orientation Make a Difference? [HTML] [PDF]
Elizabeth M. Saewyc, Linda H. Bearinger, Robert Wm. Blum and Michael D. Resnick

Live Births Resulting From Unintended Pregnancies: Is There Variation Among States? [HTML] [PDF]
Patricia M. Dietz, Melissa M. Adams, Alison M. Spitz, Leo Morris, Christopher H. Johnson and The PRAMS Working Group

Psychosocial and Educational Services For Female College Students with Genital Human Papillomavirus Infection [HTML] [PDF]
Mary Jane E. Linnehan and Nora Ellen Groce


The State Bonus to Reward a Decrease in 'Illegitimacy': Flawed Methods and Questionable Effects [HTML] [PDF]
Jane Lawler Dye and Harriet B. Presser

The 'New Medicaid': An Incremental Path To National Health Care Reform [HTML] [PDF]
Christine C. Ferguson and Tricia Leddy


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