Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 22, Number 2, June 1996

Table of Contents


History and Efficacy of Emergency Contraception: Beyond Coca-Cola [HTML] [PDF]
Charlotte Ellertson

Case Studies in Emergency Contraception from Six Countries [PDF]
Anna Glasier, Evert Ketting, V.T. Palan, Lesley Browne, Susheel Kaur, Xiao Bilian, Josue Garza-Flores, L. Vasquez Estrada, Grace Delano, Grace Faoye, Charlotte Ellertson and Elizabeth Armstrong


Letters: Unmet Need and Potential Demand [PDF]

Research on New Methods of Emergency Contraception [PDF]
Helena von Hertzen and Paul F.A.Van Look

Introducing Emergency Contraceptive Services: Communications Strategies and the Role of Women's Health Advocates [PDF]
Elizabeth T. Robinson, Marilyn Metcalf-Whittaker and Roberto Rivera

Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Introducing Emergency Contraception in the Philippines [PDF]
Florence M. Tadiar and Elizabeth T. Robinson


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