Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 28, Number 4, December 2002

Table of Contents

In This Issue 28(4) [HTML]
The Editors

Update 28(4) [HTML]
Trevor Lane and Frances A. Altha


Reproductive Choices for Asian Adolescents: A Focus on Contraceptive Behavior [HTML] [PDF]
Saroj Pachauri and K.G. Santhya

Reconciling Cost Recovery with Health Equity Concerns in a Context of Gender Inequality and Poverty: Findings From a New Family Health Initiative in Bangladesh [HTML] [PDF]
Sidney Ruth Schuler, Lisa Bates and Md. Khairul Islam

Knowledge and Opinions About Abortion Law Among Mexican Youth [HTML] [PDF]
Davida Becker, Sandra G. Garcia and Ulla Larsen

Accessibility and Use of Contraceptives in Vietnam [HTML] [PDF]
Nguyen Minh Thang and Dang Nguyen Anh


Donor Dealings: The Impact of International Donor Aid On Sexual and Reproductive Health Services [HTML] [PDF]
Susannah H. Mayhew


In Search of Seamless Transition to Post-Lactational Amenorrhea Method Contraception [HTML] [PDF]
John Stanback and Heidi W. Reynolds


All in PDF

Clinical Diagnosis of Cervical Infection Is Less Accurate Than Lab Testing, But Leads to Higher Treatment Rate [HTML]

Breast Cancer Risk Is Reduced by 4% for Each Year of Breastfeeding [HTML]

For Chinese Men, Education Increases STI Stigmatization But Not Delay of Treatment [HTML]

Effects of Higher Clinic Fees On Demand and Revenue Vary by Type of Service [HTML]

In Zimbabwe, Sexual Relationships with Older Men Put Young Women at High Risk of HIV Infection [HTML]

Conflict in a Relationship Before Sterilization May Lead to Desire for Reversal [HTML]


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