Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 38, Number 2, June 2012

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Incidence of Induced Abortion by Age and State, Mexico, 2009: New Estimates Using a Modified Methodology [HTML] [PDF]
Fatima Juarez and Susheela Singh

Increasing Postpartum Contraception in Rural India: Evaluation of a Community-Based Behavior Change Communication Intervention [HTML] [PDF]
Mary Philip Sebastian, Mohammed Ejazduin Khan, Kaushal Kumari and Rukma Idnani

Women’s Empowerment and Ideal Family Size: An Examination of DHS Empowerment Measures In Sub-Saharan Africa [HTML] [PDF]
Ushma D. Upadhyay and Deborah Karasek

Treatment-Seeking for Symptoms of Reproductive Tract Infections Among Young Women in India [HTML] [PDF]
Shagun Sabarwal and K. G. Santhya

Ethnic Inequality in Guatemalan Women’s Use of Modern Reproductive Health Care [HTML] [PDF]
Kanako Ishida, Paul Stupp, Reina Turcios-Ruiz, Daniel B. William and Evelyn Espinoza


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Application of Antiseptic to Umbilical Stump Reduces Risk of Neonatal Infection and Mortality [HTML]

Prevalence of Female Genital Cutting Varies Greatly in Western Africa [HTML]

Male Circumcision Reduces Risk of HIV Acquisition For as Long as Seven Years [HTML]

Prevalence of Cesarean Delivery Rising Sharply Among Poor, Rural Women [HTML]

Giving Misoprostol Before Vacuum Aspiration Lowers Risk of Complications [HTML]

Remarriage, HIV Infection Linked Among Women In Sub-Saharan Africa [HTML]

Young Malawi Women Who Get Payments for Schooling Are Less Likely to Get HIV [HTML]


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