Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 34, Number 1, January/February 2002

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Dore Hollander


The Trade-Off Between Hormonal Contraceptives And Condoms Among Adolescents [HTML] [PDF]
Mary A. Ott, Nancy E. Adler, Susan G. Millstein, Jeanne M. Tschann and Jonathan M. Ellen

U.S. Agencies Providing Publicly Funded Contraceptive Services in 1999 [HTML] [PDF]
Lawrence B. Finer, Jacqueline E. Darroch and Jennifer J. Frost

Did Abortion Legalization Reduce the Number Of Unwanted Children? Evidence from Adoptions [HTML] [PDF]
Marianne Bitler and Madeline Zavodny

Having an Abortion Using Mifepristone And Home Misoprostol: A Qualitative Analysis Of Women's Experiences [HTML] [PDF]
Stephen L. Fielding, Emme Edmunds and Eric A. Schaff

Early Childbearing and Children's Achievement And Behavior over Time [HTML] [PDF]
Sandra L. Hofferth and Lori Reid


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Few Teenagers in Managed Care Plans Get Chlamydia Tests; Nearly One in Five of those Tested Are Infected [HTML]

Poor Hispanic Women Who Have Been Sterilized Are Unlikely to Use Condoms [HTML]

High School-Based Program Tied to Reduction in Risk of Having Unprotected Sex [HTML]

Odds of Adverse Outcome of Second Birth Are Elevated for Teenagers [HTML]

Citing a Preference for Bottle-Feeding, the Vast Majority of Black Women Do Not Breastfeed [HTML]

Postpartum Anemia Is More Common and Lasts Longer In Poor Women Than in Those Who Are Better-Off [HTML]

Sexual Risks Are Increased For Women Who Were Ever In Foster or Kinship Care [HTML]

Mother's Attitudes Affect Ability to Discuss Condom Use with Her Adolescent [HTML]


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