Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 36, Number 4, July/August 2004

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Practitioners' Perspectives on Effective Practices for Hispanic Teenage Pregnancy Prevention [HTML] [PDF]
Stephen T. Russell, Faye C. H. Lee and the Latina/o Teen Pregnancy Prevention Workgroup

Use of Commercial Sex Workers Among Hispanic Migrants In North Carolina: Implications for the Spread of HIV [HTML] [PDF]
Emilio A. Parrado, Chenoa A. Flippen and Chris McQuiston

A Comparison of Hispanic and White Adolescent Females' Use of Family Planning Services in California [HTML] [PDF]
M. Rosa Solorio, Hongjian Yu, E. Richard Brown, Lida Becerra and Lillian Gelberg

A Randomized Study of a Pregnancy and Disease Prevention Intervention for Hispanic Couples [HTML] [PDF]
S. Marie Harvey, Jillian T. Henderson, Sheryl Thorburn, Linda J. Beckman, America Casillas, Leo Mendez and Roxana Cervantes


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Norms That Encourage Young Adolescents Not to Have Sex Tied to Reduced Odds of Becoming Sexually Active [HTML]

Heavy Use of Tobacco and Caffeine Are Among Factors That May Reduce a Woman's Chance of Conceiving [HTML]

Consisitent Use vs. Ever-Use of Condoms: Which Measure is More Useful? [HTML]

Teenagers Who Think Sex is Important May Wait Less Time with New Partners [HTML]

Consistent Condom Use Offers Protection for Those With an Infected Partner [HTML]

Teenagers Who Abstain from Sex Cite Similar Reasons Regardless of Whether They Have Ever Had Intercourse [HTML]

For Labor Progressing Too slowly, Immersion in Water May Be Effective Alternative to Obstetric Intervention [HTML]

Three-Year Program Helps Male Adolescents Establish, Maintain Sexual Limits [HTML]


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