Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 45, Number 3, September 2013

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Women's Emotions One Week After Receiving or Being Denied an Abortion in the United States
Corinne H. Rocca, Katrina Kimport, Heather Gould and Diana G. Foster  [abstract]

Sexual Health Resources at Minnesota Colleges: Associations with Students’ Sexual Health Behaviors
Marla E. Eisenberg, Peter J. Hannan, Katherine A. Lust, Kate E. Lechner, Carolyn Garcia, Ellen A. Frerich  [abstract]

Racial and Ethnic Differences in U.S. Women's Choice of Reversible Contraceptives, 1995–2010
Josephine Jacobs and Maria Stanfors  [abstract]

Relationship Characteristics and Feelings About Pregnancy Among Black and Puerto Rican Young Adults
Marion Carter, Joan M. Kraft, Linda Hock-Long and Kendra Hatfield-Timajchy  [abstract]

Hysterectomy and Disability Among U.S. Women
Julia A. Rivera Drew  [abstract]


Insurance and Access Implications of an Over-the-Counter Switch for a Progestin-Only Pill
Jennifer McIntosh, Britt Wahlin, Kate Grindlay, Myra Batchelder and Daniel Grossman


Presence of Youth-Friendly Contraceptive Services Inconsistent Among Publicly Funded Facilities
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Among Those Aged 12 And Younger, Sexual Activity Is Uncommon
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Use of Sexually Explicit Materials Explains Little About Sexual Behaviors
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Symptoms of Stress, Depression Linked To Contraceptive Use
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Most Common Sexual Behavior Pattern Among Young Adult Women Reflects Moderate Risk
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Youth Development Approach May Help Reduce Sexual Risk
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Teenagers’ Sexual Decisions Are Based on a Variety Of Thoughts and Concerns
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