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Allowing Licensed Chemical Sellers in Ghana to Sell Injectable Contraceptives Could Increase Use (04/14/2014)

Growing Gap Between First Sex and First Birth Means Women Face Longer Period of Risk for Unintended Pregnancy (04/10/2014)

Abortion Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act: Achieving Transparency and Truly Informed Consumer Choice (03/27/2014)

March 2014 Issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (03/21/2014)

New Report Underscores Critical Importance of Family Planning Programs and Providers (03/20/2014)

Guttmacher Launches County-Level Tablemaker for Contraceptive Needs and Services Data (03/12/2014)

As Supreme Court Takes Up Contraceptive Coverage Cases, New Guttmacher Analysis Puts the Facts Front and Center (03/11/2014)

L’avortement a risque est frequent au Burkina Faso (02/12/2014)

Unsafe Abortion Is Widespread In Burkina Faso (02/12/2014)

Guttmacher Institute Launches the Cory L. Richards Memorial Scholarship (02/06/2014)

U.S. Abortion Rate Hits Lowest Level Since 1973 (02/03/2014)

December Issue of International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health Now Available (01/06/2014)

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