December 2017 Issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health Now Available

Volume 49, Number 4


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Does Contraceptive Use in the United States Meet Global Goals?
Brittni N. Frederiksen, Katherine A. Ahrens, Susan Moskosky and Loretta Gavin

What Are Women Told When Requesting Family Planning Services at Clinics Associated with Catholic Hospitals? A Mystery Caller Study
Maryam Guiahi, Stephanie B. Teal, Maryke Swartz, Sandy Huynh, Georgia Schiller and Jeanelle Sheeder

Sexual Orientation Concordance And (Un)Happiness About Births
Caroline Sten Hartnett, Lisa Lindley, Katrina M. Walsemann and Daniela V. Negraia

Contraceptive Choice and Use of Dual Protection Among Women Living with HIV in Canada: Priorities for Integrated Care
Angela Kaida, Sophie Patterson, Allison Carter, Mona Loutfy, Erin Ding, Paul Sereda, Kath Webster, Neora Pick, Mary Kestler, Alexandra de Pokomandy, on behalf of the CHIWOS Research Team

College Students' Sexual Consent Communication And Perceptions of Sexual Double Standards: A Qualitative Investigation
Kristen N. Jozkowski, Tiffany L. Marcantonio and Mary E. Hunt

Abortion Knowledge and Experiences Among U.S. Servicewomen: A Qualitative Study
Kate Grindlay, Jane W. Seymour, Laura Fix, Sarah Reiger, Brianna Keefe-Oates and Daniel Grossman

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