March 2018 Issue of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health Now Available

Volume 50, Number 1

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Contraceptive Use over Five Years After Receipt Or Denial of Abortion Services
Heidi Moseson, Diana G. Foster, Ushma D. Upadhyay, Eric Vittinghoff and Corinne H. Rocca

How Patterns of Learning About Sexual Information Among Adolescents Are Related to Sexual Behaviors
Amy Bleakley, Atika Khurana, Michael Hennessy and Morgan Ellithorpe

Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Autonomy and Postpartum STD Prevention Among Young Couples: A Mediation Analysis
Tiara C. Willie, Tamora A. Callands and Trace S. Kershaw

Expanding the Abortion Provider Workforce: A Qualitative Study of Organizations Implementing a New California Policy
Molly Frances Battistelli, Sara Magnusson, M. Antonia Biggs and Lori Freedman


Dr. Stanley Henshaw: Reflections on Four Decades Of Abortion Research

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