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Show Me the Money

Research into unintended pregnancies often focuses on their socioeconomic impact on mothers and children, but there’s a broader financial dimension at play: Unintended pregnancies cost the U.S. taxpayer a lot of money. A pair of articles published in Perspectives in 2011 set out to...

What Do We Know About Men’s Involvement in Abortion Care?

Women contemplating abortion frequently involve their male partner in the decision, and those who opt for the procedure often rely on him to help with logistics or finances, or for emotional support before and after the abortion. But what about at the time of the procedure itself: Is it helpful...

Spotlight: Abortion

In December 2016, Perspectives published a special issue devoted to the topic of abortion. The issue was conceived in a political environment very different from today’s, and the ideas that the editors hoped the contributions would demonstrate—that abortion services are a critical...


Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Family Planning Perspectives may be accessed through Wiley Online Library (2003–) and JSTOR (1969–2011).

Cover illustrations of Margaret Sanger © Matthew and Eve Levine