Show Me the Money

Research into unintended pregnancies often focuses on their socioeconomic impact on mothers and children, but there’s a broader financial dimension at play: Unintended pregnancies cost the U.S. taxpayer a lot of money. A pair of articles published in Perspectives in 2011 set out to...

LARCs Come of Age

It has been a long and occasionally bumpy road for long-acting reversible contraceptives—IUDs and subdermal implants. But as new versions of these highly effective methods have entered the contraceptive marketplace over the last couple of decades, their use has been increasing in the U.S. In...


Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Family Planning Perspectives may be accessed through Wiley Online Library (2003–) and JSTOR (1969–2011).

Cover illustrations of Margaret Sanger © Matthew and Eve Levine