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With the start of 2018, Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health reached a major milestone: the beginning of its 50th year of publication. [email protected] celebrated this anniversary by revisiting and, well, putting in perspective archival materials that the journal’s editors consider highlights of its history.

Definitions Matter

Even into the early 2000s, knowledge about bisexual men’s recent sex partners remained little understood—an important research gap, because of bisexual men’s increased risk for HIV and other STDs. Bisexual men were often lumped together in studies with homosexual men, and it was unclear whether...

Rethinking the Needs of Sexual Minority Women

While the AIDS crisis made gay and bisexual men a prominent focus of sexual health programs, providers largely ignored the needs of sexual minority women, who were widely deemed to have little risk of STDs. One of the first studies in Perspectives to highlight the sexual health of...


Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Family Planning Perspectives may be accessed through Wiley Online Library (2003–) and JSTOR (1969–2011).

Cover illustrations of Margaret Sanger © Matthew and Eve Levine