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In 2018, Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health reached a major milestone: the beginning of its 50th year of publication. [email protected] celebrated this anniversary by revisiting and, well, putting in perspective archival materials that the journal’s editors consider highlights of its history.

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Sex Ed in the Crosshairs

In the mid-1990s, national and state polls showed widespread public support for sex ed in schools—including coverage of contraceptive methods, disease prevention and abstinence. Yet in 1996, supporters of abstinence-only education claimed a major victory when Congress committed $250 million to...

Fertility Desires Among People with HIV

Twenty years after HIV was first recognized, advances in treatment had helped to change what once meant certain death into a manageable chronic condition. People infected with HIV could look forward to longer, healthier lives than their counterparts who had been infected earlier. What did this...

Bringing Hispanic Men into Focus (Groups)

It’s tempting to wonder which aspect of a 1993 article about AIDS norms and beliefs seemed most novel to Perspectives readers at the time. It might have been the study’s focus on working-class Hispanic men, who then constituted an understudied population in AIDS research. Or maybe it...


Cover illustrations of Margaret Sanger © Matthew and Eve Levine