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With the start of 2018, Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health reached a major milestone: the beginning of its 50th year of publication. [email protected] celebrated this anniversary by revisiting and, well, putting in perspective archival materials that the journal’s editors consider highlights of its history.

July in [email protected]

This month’s theme for [email protected] is themed issues, which may or may not be “meta,” but is definitely appropriate, for such issues have been a notable aspect of the journal’s history. The choice of a theme isn’t the result of editorial whim; rather, it reflects that the topic is of growing...

What Do We Know About Men’s Involvement in Abortion Care?

Women contemplating abortion frequently involve their male partner in the decision, and those who opt for the procedure often rely on him to help with logistics or finances, or for emotional support before and after the abortion. But what about at the time of the procedure itself: Is it helpful...

Making Strides in Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for Men

Reproductive health care has traditionally focused on women. This makes sense: Most effective contraceptive methods are female-controlled, and women disproportionately deal with the consequences of unplanned pregnancy. There has been, however, growing acknowledgment of men’s need for sexual and...

Prophylactic Predilections

In the early 1990s, promoting condom use was the most potent weapon in policymakers’ anti-HIV arsenal. However, efforts to encourage prophylactic use were hampered by the dearth of publicly available data on men’s preferences. For those who lacked access to condom manufacturers’ internal...

Young Man, There’s a Place You Can Go

For decades, researchers and advocates have been calling for sexual and reproductive health programs to increase their attention to the needs of men. One program that has been heeding that call and providing services to a target population of 13–30-year-old men since 1987 is the Young Men’s...


Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Family Planning Perspectives may be accessed through Wiley Online Library (2003–) and JSTOR (1969–2011).

Cover illustrations of Margaret Sanger © Matthew and Eve Levine