2010 Survey of U.S. Publicly Funded Family Planning Clinics (Clinic Survey)

The Guttmacher Institute has a long history of studying U.S. publicly funded family planning clinics and conducting sample surveys to better understand and document the clinic network’s range of service delivery practices and the challenges it faces. These data are from a survey of a nationally representative sample of publicly funded family planning clinics conducted in 2010–2011, and are both an extension of earlier surveys and an investigation of new topic areas relevant to the provision of clinic services today.

A total of 664 publicly funded family planning clinics in the U.S. provided information about the types of contraceptive methods and related services offered onsite and through referral; service delivery practices and protocols, particularly those that have the potential to affect service accessibility, method initiation and continuation, and care for patients with special needs; the types of outreach and special programs offered; protocols and technology used for screening and testing (including for cervical cancer and HIV); services for male partners and clients; service costs and financial challenges; and a variety of other aspects related to clinical practices and management.