Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Slide and Lecture Presentation

New Evidence to Address Unmet Need for Contraception

July 2007

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This presentation brings together the latest information about the unmet need for contraception in developing countries. It includes information designed to help donors, program planners and policymakers develop strategies, set priorities and direct limited resources for family planning most effectively. This presentation will identify populations with unmet need for contraception, trends in unmet need and reasons why women with unmet need are not using contraceptives.

The full-length report detailing this research, Unmet Need for Contraception in Developing Countries: Levels and Reasons for Not Using a Method is available here.

The presentation includes slides and detailed lecture notes. Please note that the presentation opens in a slides-only view. In order to also view the lecture notes in Powerpoint:

1. Click View in the menu bar. A menu will drop down.
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3. Select Notes Page from the menu. The screen will then change to show the notes page below the slide.
4. Use the scroll bars to view all slides and lecture notes.

To view the lecture notes in Internet Explorer:

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