In its last several months in office, the Trump-Pence administration quietly but systematically attacked sexual and reproductive health and rights through regulatory and administrative processes. The goal of this aggressive campaign was to restrict health care coverage, individuals’ ability to access sexual and reproductive health care, and the mechanisms that regulate and guide federal health programs. The Biden-Harris administration must address these actions in order to ensure high-quality and accessible health care for all and to preserve the integrity of the federal health policymaking process.

If these attacks are not addressed, their damage could linger long after the Trump-Pence administration has left office. This mixture of overt and insidious policy changes affects people in both the United States and abroad, and together has the potential to impact millions of people.

Fortunately, the Biden-Harris administration has multiple tools at its disposal to reverse or mitigate the previous administration’s last-minute attacks on health care, including:

Just as the Trump-Pence administration used every mechanism to attack and disrupt people’s access to essential health services, the Biden-Harris administration must use all available means to undo those harms, promote sexual and reproductive health, improve access to care, and restore faith in government. 

Attacks on Sexual and Reproductive Health

The Trump-Pence administration went to intrusive and sometimes unprecedented lengths to solidify its agenda opposing sexual and reproductive health and rights for years to come.

Attacks on Health Care Coverage

The Trump-Pence administration also attacked Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), both of which are critical for people’s ability to access high-quality and affordable sexual and reproductive health care.

Attacks on Regulation and Guidance Procedures

The Trump-Pence administration also took steps to interfere with the very process of governing, in an apparent attempt to slow the gears of the U.S. government under the Biden-Harris administration.