Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Guttmacher Policy Review
Winter 2013, Volume 16, Number 1

Table of Contents

Toward Equity and Access: Removing Legal Barriers To Health Insurance Coverage for Immigrants [html] [pdf]
By Kinsey Hasstedt

What Women Already Know: Documenting the Social and Economic Benefits of Family Planning [html] [pdf]
By Adam Sonfield

Besieged Family Planning Network Plays Pivotal Role [html] [pdf]
By Rachel Benson Gold

Medication Abortion Restrictions Burden Women and Providers—and Threaten U.S. Trend Toward Very Early Abortion [html] [pdf]
By Heather D. Boonstra

In Search of Breakthroughs: Renewing Support for Contraceptive Research and Development [html] [pdf]
By Sneha Barot

Obama Administration Further Clarifies Federal Contraceptive Coverage Requirement [html] [pdf]