Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights



Infant Abandonment (PDF), October 2015

Minors' Access to Prenatal Care (PDF), October 2015

Substance Abuse During Pregnancy (PDF), October 2015


Prosecuting Women for Self-Inducing Abortion: Counterproductive and Lacking Compassion   Also in PDF
Andrea Rowan, Guttmacher Policy Review, September 2015

Building It Is Not Enough: Family Planning Providers Poised for Key Role in Helping People Obtain Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act   Also in PDF
Kinsey Hasstedt, Guttmacher Policy Review, December 2014

What Is Behind the Declines in Teen Pregnancy Rates?   Also in PDF
Heather D. Boonstra, Guttmacher Policy Review, September 2014



Intended and Unintended Pregnancies Worldwide in 2012 and Recent Trends (PDF)
Gilda Sedgh, Susheela Singh and Rubina Hussain, Studies in Family Planning, Volume 45, Issue 3, September 2014

Trends in Ages at Key Reproductive Transitions in the United States, 1951-2010 (PDF)
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Shifts in Intended and Unintended Pregnancies in the United States, 2001-2008 (PDF)
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Public Costs from Unintended Pregnancies and the Role of Public Insurance Programs in Paying for Pregnancy-Related Care: National and State Estimates for 2010 (PDF)
Adam Sonfield and Kathryn Kost, February 2015

Unintended Pregnancy Rates at the State Level: Estimates for 2010 and Trends Since 2002 (PDF)
Kathryn Kost, January 2015

Public Costs from Unintended Pregnancies and the Role of Public Insurance Programs in Paying for Pregnancy and Infant Care: Estimates for 2008 (PDF)
Adam Sonfield and Kathryn Kost, October 2013



Au Rwanda, 40% des naissances parmi les jeunes femmes sont non planifiées   Also in PDF, Infographic, junin 2015

En Ruanda, 40% de los nacimientos en mujeres jóvenes fueron no planeados   Also in PDF, Infographic, junio 2015

In Rwanda, 40% of births to young women are unplanned   Also in PDF, Infographic, June 2015