Minors' Right to Consent to Health Care and to Make Other Important Decisions
State Contraceptive services Prenatal care STD/HIV services Treatment for alcohol and/or drug abuse Outpatient mental health services More
Alabama NL MC MC2,3,4 MC MC  
Arizona MC NL MC MC2 NL
Arkansas MC MC10,11 MC4,11 NL NL
California MC MC10 MC2,16,17 MC2,4 MC2,4
Colorado MC7,18 NL MC16 MC MC4,19
Connecticut NL NL MC16 MC MC
Delaware MC2,4, MC2,4,10,11 MC2,4,11,16 MC2 NL
Dist.Columbia MC MC MC MC MC
Florida MC7,18 MC11 MC3 MC MC23
Georgia MC MC10 MC3,4,11 MC4 NL
Hawaii MC4,24,25 MC4,10,24,25 MC4,24,25 MC4 NL
Idaho MC NL MC3,24 MC NL
Illinois MC7,18 MC11,18 MC2,3,4 MC2,4 MC2,4
Indiana NL NL MC MC NL
Iowa NL NL MC16,31 MC NL
Kansas NL12 MC11,33 MC4 MC NL
Kentucky MC4 MC4,10 MC3,4 MC4 MC4,6
Louisiana NL NL MC4 MC4 NL
Maine MC7,18 NL MC4 MC4 NL
Maryland MC4 MC4 MC4 MC4 MC4,6
Massachusetts NL36 MC10 MC MC2,37 MC6
Michigan NL MC4 MC4,16 MC4 MC24
Minnesota MC4 MC4 MC4 MC4 NL
Mississippi MC7,18 MC11 MC3 MC4,19 NL
Missouri NL MC4,10,11 MC4,11 MC4,11 NL
Montana MC4 MC4,11 MC4,11,16 MC4,11 MC6
Nebraska NL NL MC MC NL
Nevada NL NL MC3 MC NL
New Hampshire NL NL MC24 MC2 NL
New Jersey NL MC4,11 MC4,11 MC4 NL
New Mexico MC NL42 MC16,17 NL MC
New York NL36 MC MC16 MC4 MC4
North Carolina MC MC10 MC3 MC MC
North Dakota NL NL MC24,44 MC24 NL
Ohio NL NL MC16,17 MC MC24
Oklahoma MC4,45 MC4,10 MC3,4 MC4 NL
Oregon MC4 NL MC3,11 MC4,24 MC4,24
Pennsylvania NL MC MC3 MC4 NL
Rhode Island NL NL MC16 MC NL
South Carolina MC47 NL47 MC47 NL47 NL47
South Dakota NL NL MC MC NL
Tennessee MC MC MC3 MC4 MC6
Texas NL50 MC4,10,11 MC3,4,11 MC4 MC
Vermont NL NL MC2,3 MC2 NL
Virginia MC MC MC3 MC MC
Washington NL54 NL54 MC3,11,24 MC23 MC23
West Virginia NL NL MC MC NL
Wisconsin NL NL MC MC2 NL
Wyoming MC NL MC3 NL NL
Total MC/MD 26 28 51 45 21
Total PC/PN 0 0 0 0 0
Total NL/NA 25 23 0 6 30