International Family Planning Perspectives
Volume 28, Number 2, June 2002


When Does It Make Sense t consider Integrating STI
and HIV Services with Family Planning Services?

TABLE 1. Minimum requirements for delivery of family planning, STI and HIV prevention and STI diagnosis and treatment, by specific service, according to component
Component Family planning STI/HIV prevention STI diagnosis and treatment
Counseling and promotion Supply methods Clinical methods Promotion Voluntary counseling and testing Syndromic management Clinical
Target/priority client group(s) General population; youth Sexually active women and men; youth Women in union; men in union General population; youth; core transmitters Self-assessed high-HIV-risk groups Men and women with genital ulcers; men with urethral discharge Sexually active women and men; self-assessed high-risk groups
Minimum trainded staff Community distributor Community distributor; injectionist for injectables Nurse practitioner; physician Community worker Trained counselor and laboratory technician Pharmacist; nurse aucilliary Laboratory technician; nurse practitioner
Client records Not always kept Not always kept or common clinical history Common clinical histroy Not always kept Confidential Common clinical history Common clinical history
Client contact time Short Short Varies Short Intensive Short Varies
Supplies and equipment Promotional materials Promotional material; commodities; needles, syringes and alcohol swabs Promotional material; commodities and supplies; clinical/surgical instruments Promotional materials Promotional materials Promotional materials; medicines/antibiotics Promotional materials; reagents, blood culture and other test; medicines/antibiotics
Laboratory facilities None None; needle disposal Usually none; instruent disinfection None HIV test kits; needle disposal None Microscope; needle disposal
Client supervision/follow-up None Limited Limited None Varies Partner notification Partner notification; return for test results
Note: Supply methods include condoms, pills, microbicides and injectables; clinical methods include the IUD, the implant and sterilization.

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