TABLES: Welfare Law and the Drive To Reduce 'Illegitimacy'

  Cash Increment Denied Benefits Reduced or Restricted Flat Grant to Families
Arizona X    
Arkansas X    
California X    
Connecticut   X*  
Delaware X    
Florida   X*  
Georgia X    
Idaho     X
Illinois X    
Indiana X    
Maryland   X  
Massachusetts X    
Mississippi X    
Nebraska X    
New Jersey X    
North Carolina X    
North Dakota X    
Oklahoma   X  
South Carolina   X  
Tennessee X    
Virginia X    
Wisconsin     X
Wyoming X    
*Traditional cash increment is reduced but not completely denied. †Cash award is provided to a third party for administration, rather than directly to the family.Vouchers to purchase food, clothing and other necessities are provided in lieu of the cash increment. Source: Stark S and Levin-Epstein J, Excluded Children: Family Cap in a New Era, Washington, DC: Center for Law and Social Policy, 1999.

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