Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights


10 questions to test your knowledge about sexual and reproductive health. Award yourself 10 points for each correct answer.
1. Over half of U.S. women report that they are worse off financially because of the current economic recession. What proportion of these women say they can’t afford to have a baby right now?
a) About a third
b) About half
c) More than three-quarters
2. What proportion of women report that they sometimes forego using birth control in order to save money?
a) fewer than 1 in 20
b) almost 1 in 10
c) about 1 in 5
3. Among oral contraception users, what proportion report inconsistent use as a cost-saving device?
a) just over 1 in 20
b) about 1 in 10
c) almost 1 in 5
4. How many U.S. women have incomes low enough to put them in need of publicly-subsidized contraceptive services?
a) More than 15 million
b) Around 5 million
c) Fewer than 1 million
5. What proportion of all U.S. women obtaining contraceptive services each year do so at a publicly funded family planning center?
a) 1 out of every 4
b) 1 out of every 10
c) 1 out of every 20
6. Absent publicly funded family planning services, how many more abortions would be expected in the United States, compared to current levels?
a) 33% more abortions
b) 50% more abortions
c) 66% more abortions
7. For every public dollar invested in contraceptive services to help women avoid pregnancies they do not want, how much is saved that otherwise would be spent under Medicaid for pregnancy-related care?
a) about $1.00
b) about $2.00
c) about $4.00
8. In 2003, what proportion of all U.S. births were paid for by Medicaid?
a) 41%
b) 22%
c) 9%
9. For how long will a typical American woman need to use contraception in order to satisfy her childbearing wishes?
a) 1-10 years
b) 11-20 years
c) 21-30 years
10. What proportion of women who would obtain a Medicaid-funded abortion are instead forced to carry their pregnancy to term because state laws restrict Medicaid funding for abortion?
a) 1 out of 10
b) 1 out of 4
c) 1 out of 2