The Pattern of IUD Use in Vietnam

Do Trong Hieu Hoang Ti Van Peter J. Donaldson Quan Le Nga

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Abstract / Summary

A 1993 study to examine the pattern of IUD use in three provinces of Vietnam questioned 2,996 women who first used an IUD between 1981 and 1992. Results suggest a high continuation rate--81% at 12 months--and a low failure rate; about 3% of women experience accidental pregnancy after 12 months of use. Among reasons for termination, expulsion is the most common and is reported more frequently than in other countries; approximately 9% of users say they expel their IUD within 12 months. Health problems are the second most common reason, cited by about 7% of women who terminate use. No data were collected on the type of IUD used or on respondents' characteristics at the time of insertion.

(International Family Planning Perspectives, 21:6-10, 1995)

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