Preconditions for a Population Policy in Botswana

Cornelis VanderPost

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Abstract / Summary

Botswana is generally regarded as a model of economic growth and democracy in Africa, but like other countries in the region, is faced with rapid population increase: An annual growth rate of 3% threatens to undermine rising living standards. Neverthel ess, a population policy is not a high priority within the government. In spite of Botswana's well-developed health infrastructure, low infant mortality and high literacy rate, other conditions are needed for implementation of an effective population poli cy. Favorable attitudes among the people toward smaller family sizes and a commitment among political leaders to long-term policies may not presently be strong enough, and socioeconomic problems related to rapid population growth may not be extreme enough , to prompt the government to take definite action.

(International Family Planning Perspectives, 21:70-74, 1995)

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