Volume 22, Issue 1

Explaining the Commitment of Family Planning Fieldworkers in Bangladesh

Fieldworkers are a crucial component of the family planning program in Bangladesh; yet, the factors influencing fieldworkers' commitment--an important determinant of program effectiveness--have not previously been explored. Data from a 1993-1994 survey of 217 workers representing both government and nongovernmental organizations indicate that when fieldworkers have good relationships with coworkers and a high opinion of their supervisors' expertise, their level of commitment to the goals of the program is likely to be relatively high. When workers believe that their peers are motivated more by employment benefits than by a desire to help clients, their commitment declines. Surprisingly, income has a significant inverse effect on workers' level of commitment. Two client-related factors, being able to communicate effectively with clients and having good relationships with them, are also associated with increased levels of commitment.

International Family Planning Perspectives, 22:10-15, 1996)

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