Volume 27, Issue 4

Short-Term Acceptability of the Female Condom Among Staff and Patients at a New York City Hospital

An acceptability study of the female condom undertaken at New York's Harlem Hospital between August 1993 and February 1994 enrolled 52 women aged 18-57, 41 of whom (79%) used the female condom at least once. Of these, one-half used the female condom at least three times and 40% used it once; on average, women used it 2.4 times. Two-thirds of users liked the female condom either very much or somewhat, 20% were neutral and 15% stated that they did not like it. One-half of the women reported that their partner liked the device, while 17% said he felt neutral about it and approximately one-quarter said he disliked it. Seventy-three percent of respondents and 44% of their partners preferred the female condom to the male condom.

(Family Planning Perspectives, 27:155-158, 1995)

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