Young Men's Experience with Condom Breakage

Laura D. Lindberg Freya L. Sonenstein Leighton Ku Greg Levine

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Abstract / Summary

In a nationally representative sample of men aged 17-22, 23% of those using condoms reported experiencing at least one condom break during the previous 12 months. Of all condoms used, 2.5% had broken. In multivariate analyses, increased experience with condoms reduced the likelihood of experiencing condom breakage. Recent sex education was associated with an almost 80% decrease in the risk of breakage among young men who used condoms infrequently. Young males who had ever had a sexually transmitted disease (STD), or whose sexual partner had had an STD, were almost three times as likely as other respondents to have experienced condom breakage. In addition, young men with a household income of less than $60,000 were 2-3 times as likely to have broken a condom as were those with a higher household income.

(Family Planning Perspectives, 29:128-131 & 140, 1997)

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