From the Editor

Dore Hollander

First published online:

| DOI: https://doi.org/10.1363/psrh.12084

In the fall of 1978, having recently decided to abandon a liberal arts graduate school program in favor of a "real world" job, I took on an entry‐level position in the publications division of the Guttmacher Institute. It was a wonderful learning experience, and over time (lots and lots of time), I rose through the ranks, left for a while to freelance (for the Institute, among other organizations) and eventually returned to a staff position, ultimately becoming executive editor of Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health in 2002. With this issue, the last of 2018, I will take my leave and move on to a life of retirement.

I am deeply grateful for the career that I was able to build at Guttmacher, and am enormously proud of all of the Institute's publications that I have been involved in—especially Perspectives. During my tenure as the journal's executive editor, I have had the privilege of working with a couple dozen or so editors, production staff and communications experts, whose dedication and talent ensure that we continue to put out a journal that is known for its high standards and broad reach. I cannot begin to quantify how much I have learned from them; I owe them all a debt of profound gratitude. My thanks go, too, to the current and past members of our editorial advisory committee, who have been generous with their time and with their unvarnished assessments of what they see in the journal and its operations; their broad view of research and publication processes gives us an invaluable reality check.

My colleague John Thomas, a longtime senior editor of Perspectives, will lead the journal into 2019 and beyond. I have every confidence that under his direction, the journal will continue to do what it has done so well for 50 years, while still evolving to meet the substantive demands of the field and the ever‐changing landscape of academic publishing. I wish John and all of my colleagues here at Perspectives great success.

Dore Hollander