Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Volume 35, Number 5, September/October 2003

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Services for Men at Publicly Funded Family Planning Agencies, 1998-1999 [HTML] [PDF]
Lawrence B. Finer, Jacqueline E. Darroch and Jennifer J. Frost

The Other Half of the Equation: Serving Young Men In a Young Women's Reproductive Health Clinic [HTML] [PDF]
Tina Raine, Arik V. Marcell, Corinne H. Rocca and Cynthia C. Harper


Man2Man: A Promising Approach to Addressing The Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Young Men [HTML] [PDF]
Genevieve Sherrow, Tristan Ruby, Paula K. Braverman, Nathalie Bartle, Shawn Gibson and Linda Hock-Long


The Young Men's Clinic: Addressing Men's Reproductive Health and Responsibilities [HTML] [PDF]
Bruce Armstrong


Integrating Chlamydia trachomatis Control Services For Males in Female Reproductive Health Programs [HTML] [PDF]
K. John McConnell, Laura Packel, M. Antonia Biggs, Joan M. Chow and Claire Brindis


Making Males Mindful of Their Sexual and Procreative Identities: Using Self-Narratives in Field Settings [HTML] [PDF]
William Marsiglio


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Among Female Adolescents, STD History Is Associated With Demographically or Socially Dissimilar Partnering [HTML]

Large Proportions of Men and Women with HIV Have Sex Without Telling Partners That They Are Infected [HTML]

For Whites, but Not Blacks, Binge Drinking Is Linked To Unintended Pregnancy [HTML]

Sexual Behavior Is Safer When Students Can Get Condoms at Their Schools [HTML]

Reinfections Make Up A Large Share of Gonorrhea Cases Diagnosed at Clinics [HTML]

Partner Violence During Pregnancy Increases Risk of Adverse Outcomes [HTML]

Disease Risk Is Elevated Among People Who Feel Bad About Having Sex [HTML]

Few U.S. School-Based Health Centers Offer Contraceptive On-Site [HTML]


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