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With the start of 2018, Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health reaches a major milestone: the beginning of its 50th year of publication. [email protected] celebrates this anniversary by revisiting and, well, putting in perspective archival materials that the journal’s editors consider highlights of its history.

Rethinking the Needs of Sexual Minority Women

While the AIDS crisis made gay and bisexual men a prominent focus of sexual health programs, providers largely ignored the needs of sexual minority women, who were widely deemed to have little risk of STDs. One of the first studies in Perspectives to highlight the sexual health of...

October in [email protected]

In 2019, the Stonewall 50/World Pride celebration will mark a half century since the infamous 1969 police raid on New York City’s Stonewall Inn, which triggered widespread protests and sparked the gay rights movement. However, despite the changes brought by the movement, the sexual and...

Defining Rights-Based Sexuality Education

Abstinence-only and abstinence-plus sex education have been the mainstay of American school-based sex education programs for decades. However, these approaches don’t have much in the way of evidence to suggest that they reduce the risk of STDs or unintended pregnancy, which is their purported...

Sex Ed Veers to the Right

The history of sex education in U.S. schools is marked by countless twists and turns, and no small amount of controversy. Undoubtedly one of the biggest changes came in the early 1980s, when the federal government started pouring money into programs that focused on abstinence, rather than taking...

Class Warfare

By the late ’90s, the debate over whether U.S. public schools should provide sex education classes was over: In every region of the country, more than 90% of the public supported sex ed. But the battle over specific content—especially regarding contraception—raged on. In 1998, as the federal...


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