Partnerships & Collaborations

Since the Guttmacher Institute was founded, partnership and collaboration have played an essential role in ensuring the relevance and reach of our work. Whether conducting a study with national partners in Bangladesh or carrying out joint research with the World Health Organization, the Institute relies on these relationships to stimulate innovation, ground our work in the proper context, and amplify our research findings and recommendations.


The Institute relies on country-level partners to help us measure what matters, field large-scale research studies and get the findings into the hands of important stakeholders. These partners bring frontline knowledge of the social and political context in their countries, expertise in data collection and analysis, and well-established platforms to get information in front of policymakers, journalists and other key audiences. Click on a pin in the map below to find links to more information about our partners in those countries.


Guttmacher maintains a number of strategic collaborations that serve to maximize the reach and impact of our research and evidence-based advocacy. Our collaborators—many of whom have been working with the Institute for years—include some of the most well-respected and influential organizations working in sexual and reproductive health and rights in the United States and globally.