Guttmacher-Lancet Commission

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which define the global development agenda for the next 15 years, are comprehensive, visionary and inspiring in many ways. They encompass important aspects of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), but the broader SRHR agenda goes far beyond what is included in the goals, targets and indicators. The SDGs do not cover critically important elements of SRHR, such as access to safe abortion care, nondiscrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, and the need for high-quality, confidential and timely sexual and reproductive health services.

To address these and related gaps, the Guttmacher Institute and The Lancet established the Commission on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. The Guttmacher-Lancet Commission began work in early 2016 with the aim of developing a wide-ranging and evidence-based agenda for key SRHR priorities worldwide over the next 15 years, coinciding with the SDG timeframe. The work of the Commission will make the case for policies and programs to turn that vision into reality.


Lancet Commission

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