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The Sexual Acceptability of Intrauterine Contraception: A Qualitative Study of Young Adult Women, by Jenny A. Higgins, Kristin Ryder, Grace Skarda, Erica Koepsel and Eliza A. Bennett

A Survey of Teenagers' Attitudes Toward Moving Oral Contraceptives Over the Counter, by Ruth Manski and Melissa Kottke

Using Longitudinal Data to Understand Changes in Consistent Contraceptive Use, by Rachel K. Jones, Athena Tapales, Laura D. Lindberg and Jennifer Frost

Barriers to and Facilitators of Moving Miscarriage Management Out of the Operating Room, by Amanda Dennis, Liza Fuentes, Ella Douglas-Durham and Daniel Grossman



Effective STD Prevention Intervention, When Adapted for Incarcerated Women, Reduced Sexual Risk Behaviors

Early Evidence: No Link Between Reduced Cervical Cancer Screening and Teenagers' Contraceptive Use

In Six European Cities, HIV Often Undiagnosed in Men Who Have Sex with Men

National Study: Level of Acculturation Linked to Some, but Not All, Sexual Behaviors Among Hispanic Men

Provider Training on LARC Methods Helps Reduce Unintended Pregnancy Rate

Abortion Was the Right Decision, Say Most Women In a Prospective Study

1998–2010 Surveillance Data Reveal Abortion-Related Deaths to Be Uncommon