Financial Sustainability Calculator for Safety-Net Family Planning Centers


Andrea Rowan
Adam Sonfield

The Financial Sustainability Calculator for Safety-Net Family Planning Centers will help safety-net health centers that provide family planning services assess their financial sustainability in an evolving U.S. health care system. Specifically, it will enable centers to estimate the extent to which they are maximizing reimbursement from Medicaid and private insurance. This calculator allows safety-net family planning centers to estimate two key indicators of financial sustainability:

  • percent of contraceptive visits reimbursed by Medicaid or private insurance, and
  • percent of the total cost of providing contraceptive visits recovered from Medicaid or private insurance.


With this calculator, users can do the following:

  • generate estimates for different types of health centers (using Guttmacher Institute data);
  • compare estimates for different types of health centers;
  • input data from their own health center(s) to see estimates for their program;
  • compare estimates for their own health center(s) with those for others; and
  • estimate the potential impact that changing key inputs could have on sustainability.


Technical notes: The calculator has been created using Microsoft Excel. It should work on most computers running a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system; it does not at present function on many current Apple Macintosh computers. Additionally, the calculator relies on a type of programming known as macros. Because of this, you may see a security warning at the top of the page when you first open it. If you see this warning, please click “Enable Content,” or the calculator will not function. You may also need to click “Enable Editing,” depending on your computer’s setup.

Information on how the calculator works, the sources used for the built-in data, and the limitations of the calculator and the data can be found in a separate methodology document.

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