Introducing the Demystifying Data Workshop Toolkit

The Guttmacher Institute and The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) are proud to introduce the Demystifying Data Workshop Toolkit, the final feature of the Demystifying Data: A Guide to Using Evidence to Improve Young People’s Sexual Health and Rights series. Building on that report, the Demystifying Data Workshop Toolkit is designed to improve advocates’ ability to understand and use data in their work. This includes using evidence to improve the provision of comprehensive sexuality education, increase access to sexual and reproductive health services, formulate and implement policies to protect young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, and address the needs of the most vulnerable groups of young people.

The toolkit works as a supplement to the guide, which uses nontechnical language to define 70 indicators that measure need for adolescent sexual and reproductive health information and services. Using a similar nontechnical approach, the toolkit is designed to train adolescent sexual and reproductive health advocates how to best utilize data in their work with accuracy and confidence.  It provides clear guidance on harnessing data to improve the lives of young people globally.

Along with instructions for facilitating a two-day workshop, the toolkit includes handouts, worksheets, and slides that articulate the guide’s main concepts for educators, youth advocates, and advocacy organizations both in-country and globally. Ultimately, the toolkit aims to:

  • Introduce the Demystifying Data guide and ensure that participants understand the characteristics of data
  • Teach participants how to use data to identify and describe specific issues for adolescent sexual and reproductive health
  • Explain how to use data to support advocacy, service provision, programming and education to improve young people’s sexual health and rights
  • Train participants to use the guide for advocacy in issues relevant to work in their country
  • Guide participants on what to do when data are missing, how to look for alternative sources of data, or advocate for data collection

You can find both the Demystifying Data guide and the toolkit on the Guttmacher Institute website.