Demystifying Data: Using Evidence to Improve Young People’s Sexual Health and Rights—Workshop Toolkit


Christine Panchaud
Ragnar Anderson

This toolkit, which is also available in Spanish and French, is a companion to Demystifying Data: A Guide to Using Evidence to Improve Young People's Sexual Health and Rights (2014). The toolkit provides step-by-step instructions for facilitating a two-day workshop on the Demystifying Data guide.

The following documents are available for download at right:

Workshop Toolkit


A – Overview of the workshop

B – Overview of Demystifying Data

C –  More on indicators from Activities 4 and 5

D – Common issues and challenges in efforts to improve young people’s sexual health and rights

E – Using data to address specific issues and subgroups: national country tables and advocacy table

F – Steps to developing an advocacy strategy

G – Missing data

Informational Handouts

• Definition of Comprehensive Sexuality Education

• Youth-Friendly Services

• Gender Issues

• Young People’s Sexual Rights

The time is now. Will you stand up for reproductive health and rights?

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